How Can a Private Cloud Benefit Law Firms?

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These days law firms are looking toward the cloud to host their email, their documents, and their time & billing software. Many firms have their IT separated between cloud platforms having to contact Microsoft for email issues, PCLaw for time & billing issues, and Abacus for their practice management issues. Some firms have to contact 3, 4, and even 5 vendors just to get IT support, it can be very frustrating. With Rekall’s Private Cloud, all aspects of your firm’s IT are centrally managed offering a single point of contact in case support is needed and service is required.


Rekall Private Cloud Handles all Four Aspects of Your Firm’s IT…

• Email
• Firm Documents
• Software (Time & Billing, Practice Management)
• IT Support


Rekall Private Cloud is a Single Cloud Platform that Includes…

• Compliant Firm Email
• Cloud Desktop for Each User
• Cloud Hosting for All Firm Legal Software
• Cloud Document Storage
• Full Helpdesk Support for All Firm Users
• Antivirus & Antispyware
• Enterprise Firewall Security & Web Filtering
• Microsoft Office, Windows, SQL Licensing
• File & Server Level Backup with Retention
• Optional Local Backup


Law Firm Centric Private Cloud …

Law firms receive the above services along with the ability to access their cloud from anywhere at anytime and from any device may it be Apple, Windows, Android or Blackberry.

Rekall Cloud is an all-inclusive, law firm centric cloud system offering versatility & zero IT headaches giving your firm the ability to remove office servers entirely and simplify your IT. If you’re considering cloud services for your firm, consider the leader in law firm private cloud services, consider Rekall.


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