How HP WorkSite / iManage Works for Law Firms

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Worksite / iManage Overview

HP WorkSite enables your firm members to work together securely with a huge volume of documents and email, and when coupled with Rekall Cloud your firm can do this from any location, using any device, Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad. WorkSite easily handles document and email management, placing data in digital files, making them easier to find, share, and reuse. WorkSite is simple-to-use and can be deployed across your firm quickly, with minimal training and at a low total cost, for a rapid return on investment. By unifying content across your user’s Outlook desktop app between colleagues, paralegals, partners, and associates, you can realize significant value through higher productivity and an improved service to your clients.

Key Features

Email management: Organize email as part of the unified project file, transforming email into an asset that can be accessed by team members across all offices easily and securely.
Secure File Sharing: Enable secure file sharing and ad hoc collaboration with clients and associates outside the firewall to improve client service and increase client retention.

Intuitive Application Integration: Get seamless integration with desktop applications from a variety of interfaces, including Outlook, Lotus Notes, Windows Explorer.

Automated Classification: Classify and secure information automatically, eliminating the need for manual tagging of information, increasing accuracy and improving adoption.

Rekall’s Expert Opinion

In our experience working with many firms, if your firm is looking to get to the next level you need some sort of document management system and iManage is a great option. It’s a solution that will grow with your firm as it is made for small, medium, large and even mega firms. From tracking document versions to searching text within the body of a document, iManage is a leader in the document management field.

Better on Rekall Cloud

With iManage in the cloud you can access your firm documents from anywhere at anytime without the need for on-premise servers and expensive IT support. iManage along with Rekall Cloud will give you access to your entire practice at anytime from anywhere on any device. If your interested in implementing iManage Worksite in your office or in the cloud, give us a call.


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