How Law Firms can use Artificial Intelligence to Improve Operations

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Artificial intelligence, commonly referred to as AI, is now making work and life easier for people across the world. Even those who work in the legal industry can take advantage of this breakthrough technology. Give AI a chance at your law firm and you will find your team proves more productive. AI really does reduce the amount of time law firm personnel spend on repetitive tasks. This technology simulates specific processes that occur in the human mind, empowering computers to perform job functions. AI applied to algorithms lets computers analyze data, pinpoint patterns and reach specific conclusions. Let’s take a look at three ways in which AI will affect legal work as we transition to 2019 and beyond.


1. AI for Legal Research


AI is now capable of reading millions of pages of law in mere seconds. This technology can scan legal documents to highlight specific pages for attorney review. This way, there is no need to charge for the time spent performing legal research. Lawyers who make use of AI for discovery really do enjoy a competitive advantage. When used properly, AI empowers attorneys to analyze massive amounts of information in little time and take on that many more clients.


2. AI for Document Review


AI is now capable of reviewing documents and highlighting them as important for specific cases. This tech identifies documents based on relevancy then sets its learning algorithms in action to pinpoint documents with similarities. In the end, this technological assistance ultimately reduces attorney workloads. Perhaps more important is the fact that AI heightens the efficiency of contract revisions by identifying standard clauses for specific applications. AI sorts problems faster with as few mistakes as possible. The bottom line is humans make mistakes that today’s AI does not.


3. AI for Predicting Case Results


AI has advanced to the point that it can store years or decades of legal information, analyze it and detail the chances of a successful outcome. This tech reveals information about similar cases, making it easier to determine if settling or pursuing litigation is the best course of action. Attorneys who use AI for this purpose will spend that much less time analyzing, negotiating and attending court hearings. Though attorneys do not strictly follow the guidance provided by AI programs, the information revealed by this amazing technology certainly proves insightful when determining how to proceed with legal cases. Law firms will continue to use AI to predict legal outcomes as we rapidly transition to a brave new high-tech era of work and life.


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