How Much Internet Bandwidth does Your Firm Really Need?

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These days Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are selling bandwidth like hotcakes making people think that they need more bandwidth than what is actually needed to run a law office. There are a few factors that you need to consider in order to not get sucked into the ISP bandwidth mind meld…


1. Do you host any web servers within your office?
2. Do you have VOIP phones?
3. Does your firm use Cloud technologies?
4. How many people are in your firm?

ISPs like Comcast offer 20/5 service which means 20Megabit downstream, 5Megabit upstream but keep in mind that this speed is not guaranteed. You may only see 15/3. If you have a VOIP phone system the upstream is extremely important, so try not to get less than 10 upstream. If you work on the cloud then upstream is critical. In this case try not to get less than 20 upstream.

These days the best internet money can buy is Verizon Fios, and Fios 50/50 is enough for any small business, but if you’re not in a Verizon area you will most likely have to go with Comcast. Our suggestion is to go with their 100/20 package. We work with firms with 80 people on the cloud and with VOIP phones and this package is most definitely enough for them.


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