How Tech-Savvy is Your Firm Staff?

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According to the American Bar Association in an article published by the Legal Solutions Blog, lawyers are less tech-savvy than other professionals. While lawyers have embraced smart phones and tablets, they are being used for more administrative tasks than they are being used to really practice law.
When it comes to smartphones, close to 10% of lawyers are still not using them. The smartphone of choice for the other 90% is the iPhone. Those smartphones are mostly being used to access the internet and send email. Only 4% of lawyers are using their smartphones to generate documents. Why?

Tablets are less common than smartphones. Only about half of all lawyers are using tablets, such as the iPad.

When it comes to apps on a smartphones or tablets, LinkedIn is the most commonly used professional app accessed by lawyers. Dropbox, Evernote, and Documents to Go are also used, but less commonly. Legal Platform apps are not very commonly used on smartphones or tablets.

If your practice is one that is falling behind the curve, reach out to Rekall. We can help you get up and running and give you some insight into the technology that you can – and should – use from mobile devices in order to make your life easier.


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