How to Determine which Doc Management System is Right for Your Firm

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If you’re considering using a Document Management System (DMS) for your firm, there are a few major contenders out there: NetDocuments, Worldox & iManage. While the programs are similar in many regards, there are also a few big differences. Rekall can help you decide which DMS is right for your needs. We recommend that you start by asking yourself a few important questions:

What are your plans for future growth?
Is built-in mobility essential?
Do you maintain an in-house server? Do you want the liability?
What is your price point?
Are certain features (client portal, workflow tool) essential? Do you just want to simply manage docs?
Knowing where you stand on these questions can help you determine which of the leading DMS programs is right for you.
Check our Rekall articles outlining 10 key elements of each DMS and then call Rekall to let us help you make your decision. Also, it always helps to call sales for both Netdocs and Worldox, personally we are partial to Worldox. Our clients find the most success with Worldox when looking to simply organize their documents and enhance their search functionality by doc, matter and even text body. Check Worldox out.


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