How to get Online as a Freelance Attorney

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As time progresses, more and more attorneys and other professionals are taking the freelance route.  If you like the idea of being your own boss, selecting your own clients and helping people in your community, going solo just might be for you.  The question is how to put yourself out there, expand your online footprint and spearhead a successful freelance venture.  Here’s how to do it.


Freelance Attorney Success Begins With a Website


A website gives you plenty of exposure for little money.  So don’t splurge on newspaper, billboard, radio and TV ads.  A professional website will help you connect with clients for decades to come.  Building a website begins with selecting a hosting service.  WordPress is one of the more common hosting services as it is affordable and has an array of options for attorneys as well as others taking the freelance route.  Attorneys who rely on these hosting services benefit from a number of pre-built themes made specifically for those in the legal industry.  Others elect to hire a website designer to create the website.  This route is more costly yet it provides full control over the site.


Content Matters


It is not enough to have a polished website if it lacks high-quality content.  Think of your website as the skeleton.  The content is the meat that goes on the bones.  If the meat isn’t tasty, people won’t share it.  Furthermore, people won’t come back for more unless they like their initial exposure.  If you are not comfortable creating your own website content, don’t feel bad!  Outsource content creation to specialists, feature a steady stream of content on your site and you will receive that many more visitors in due time.


In particular, a blog is especially important.  Use your blog to present your firm as legitimate, genuine and caring.  This is your opportunity to establish your firm as an authoritative voice capable of helping those in need.  Furthermore, blog content laden with strategic keywords and key phrases enhances SEO rankings.  SEO is an acronym that is short for search engine optimization.  Update your blog at least once every couple weeks to keep people coming back for more helpful information, boost your SEO and provide shareable content that proves viral.


Promote Your Legal Services


Add call-to-action buttons throughout your website.  Include your phone number, e-mail address and an online contact form.  Make sure this information is presented “above the fold”, meaning on the top half of the page.  Make it easy for visitors to reach your team through the web or phone and it will not be long until your website connects you with legitimate leads.


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