Everyone Googles, but hardly anyone knows about the tricks that Google has built in to refine your search. A long time ago I found this fantastic infographic on how to effectively use Google. Many people don’t know this but Google has built in ways to refine searches and help you find exactly what your looking for. Simple little things like being able to do searches within an entire website will help to find exactly what you need! They give an example of searching the nytimes.com site for material related to college and test scores. Another useful thing is when searching, what if you want to search for file types that people may have posted or uploaded. What if your looking for a PDF? Using Google with the filetype:PDF hook in the front makes that possible. It’s all below, enjoy the infographic and enjoy refining your Google searches. Show your friends, they’ll be amazed to find something new in a common everyday thing like Googling. It’s like Google 2.0!