How to Manage Your Unrealistic To-Do List (and Inbox)

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had workloads that we could handle without becoming stressed? But, as you well know, that’s rarely the case. Especially for busy attorneys, there’s always more work to do than there is time to do it.
What’s the trick to maintaining your sanity when there is simply more work than you can get to? More emails than you can answer?

First, lawyerist.com recommends checking in with your expectations. What really is possible today, tonight, tomorrow? And what is simply going to take you longer to get to? Tackle the tasks that need your attention immediately and prioritize what remains. When you’re realistic in setting your expectations, your stress levels will be lower.

Next, cross the quick and easy tasks off your list. And enjoy the process of crossing them off, too! Get the little things off your plate so you can clear your head for the larger tasks. Starting small helps build momentum for the larger tasks. I suspect you’re already doing this, even if you don’t yet realize it!

Remember to reset yourself. If you’re feeling stuck, take ten minutes. Go for a walk, watch YouTube, scroll through Facebook. Do whatever you need to do to reset and refocus. These small rewards are not only fun, they’re healthy.

Finally, keep breathing. No matter what.


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