How to Stay Anonymous Online

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With technology comes innovation…including by pesky organizations downright determined to advertise to you. Lawyerist.com put out an article highlighting ways that you can maintain a more discreet identity online. We’ll provide you with a high level look at their suggestions.
Their first recommendation is to turn on Do Not Track in whatever browsers you use. This is a polite way of asking advertisers to please leave you alone. That’s all it is though, and they may (and some certainly will) ignore that request. But, it’ll certainly curtail some of the advertising you don’t want to see.

In Chrome, go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy > Send a Do Not Track request.
In Safari, go to Preferences > Privacy > Ask websites not to track me
In Firefox, Do Not Track is enabled by default. Double check at Tools > Options > Privacy.
In Internet Explorer, Do Not Track is enabled by default. Double check at Settings > Safety > Tracking Protection.
Setting up Do Not Track is a good first start, but you’ll want to take more aggressive measures too. Privacy Badger, available for Chrome and Firefox, is a browser plugin that looks for third-party content that is trying to track you without your permission.
Disconnect is another browser plugin you will want to check out. This plugin is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE. Disconnect also makes a search plugin to help you keep your search information private. Disconnect will also provide you with information about who is tracking you.

Yet another in the class of privacy plugins is Ghostery, which is available for all major browsers except IE. The concept is the same as Disconnect and Privacy Badger.


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