How Top-Notch Client Service can Lead to More Cases

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Most attorneys are primarily concerned with winning cases, securing lucrative settlements and climbing the corporate ladder to become a partner.  Unfortunately, client service is sometimes neglected along the way.  Though client service is often overlooked, it matters a great deal.  Today’s clients are more aware of the quality of attorney services than ever before.  Make an effort to provide exemplary customer service and it really will prove to be quite the important competitive advantage for your law firm.


Consider the Client’s Point of View

Follow the golden rule of life while serving your clients and they will be that much more likely to recommend your services to others.  Take some time to think about how your clients would like to be served.  Think about what the client is going through and tailor your legal services as appropriate.  It will also help to contact clients throughout the case to see how they are doing.  This might seem like a subtlety yet it makes a big difference in the client’s perception of the quality of your services and your merit as an attorney.


Explain Your Law Firm Policies in Plain English

The initial consultation is the optimal time to explain your firm’s policies in detail.  Describe your firm’s policies in terms of returning messages, billing, case updates, etc.  Putting this information out on the table for clients to see at the outset of the process helps set their expectations appropriately.


Technology is Your Friend

Law firm customers service commences at the point of first contact.  Take advantage of contact relationship management software and it will be that much easier to streamline intake, keep in touch with clients and automate follow-ups across posterity.  Tech can also help you book client appointments through the web.  You can even use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance your law firm’s customer service.


Return Calls Within 24 Hours

Your clients should not have to wait longer than a day to receive a message back from you.  Even if you are unsure of the exact answer to the client’s inquiry, simply touching base can mean a great deal to your clients.  Keep your clients in the loop, return their messages in a timely manner and they really will be that much more likely to recommend your law firm to others.


Transparent Billing

A client provided with a bill in excess of the original quote is unlikely to share your contact information with friends, family, co-workers and others.  Alternatively, completely transparent billing has the potential to lead to multiple referrals.  Resist the temptation to tack on extra charges to billing, stick to the original quote for your legal services, honor your hourly rate as promised and you will be able to bring that many more clients into the fold.


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