IManage Worksite in the Cloud, Rekall Does it Best

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No matter what you call it; Interwoven, HP Autonomy, IManage, Filesite, Desksite, or Worksite, it is one of the most robust document management systems out there for law firms looking to organize firm documents. Rekall Technologies has made this doc management system even better by enabling law firms to utilize Worksite in the cloud. With Rekall Private Cloud, we are able to add top notch law firm applications like Worksite into the cloud giving law firms the versatility to work from anywhere at anytime, the security of encrypted remote access, and the ease of working in the cloud with little to no change to the way your law firm works.
Included with Rekall Private Cloud is VPN Security, gateway antivirus, daily server & file level backup and Microsoft Windows & MS Office licensing with free upgrades for all users at no extra cost. Due to all these included services we not only migrate IManage Worksite to the cloud but we also move law firm billing and time tracking applications to the cloud as well. In offering a full desktop in the cloud with Worksite, our techs setup and integrate Outlook, Word & Adobe Acrobat with Worksite offering your entire firm a full cloud desktop complete it all applications and Worksite integrations in the cloud.

On the back end your IManage Worksite database in the cloud is located on one of our secure cloud servers. The SQL server driving your Worksite cloud setup runs the same way as it does locally in your office except the server is maintained and monitored 24/7 by our data center technicians.

Essentially, Rekall offers your firm the security, redundancy, and versatility to work wherever and whenever your firm needs to, but with virtually zero downtime and full tech support for your software and end users all for lower than you’d think. If your in the market to move your firm to the cloud and take Worksite with you, give us a call.


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