Increase Efficiency across your Firm with these Three Trends

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Let’s face it, technology is a huge part of your day to day life, and it’s not going away anytime soon. It’s almost impossible to go more than five minutes without using your cell phone, laptop, or some form of technology that makes us more advanced and streamlined throughout our day. Check out some of the top trends for 2018, and how to keep pushing towards a seamless, successful business.


Manage your Clients Flawlessly

Clients are one of the most important, if not the most important part of your business. Managing these relationships to your maximum potential will increase your revenue and open your opportunity for more referrals. We understand that it can be difficult to give each and every client the personal touch recommended, but luckily there are plenty of programs and software that help automate this process.

MyTime was originally intended for managing schedules and appointments, but it has evolved into much more. MyTime now allows you to have clients confirm appointments directly, have private chat conversations, and track progress all in one spot. This software also has a marketing feature, which features automated emails, text message marketing, and other tools to keep your clients interested and up to date. MyTime additionally manages your Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and other online advertising.

SalesForce is another excellent outlet to manage your clients. SalesForce is web/cloud based, so it’s not a difficult investment, and it’s very user friendly. Although it’s not specifically for law firms, its interface is suitable for legal needs.


Move to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud is possibly the best thing you can do for your firm. The cloud allows you to work remotely from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Basically, your entire firm can be moved to the cloud, which would provide an identical desktop to what you’re currently working with.

The cloud supports all legal software, documentation, is compliant with legal regulations, and extremely secure. The Rekall cloud is HIPAA compliant, and provides upmost security for all of your documents. Being on the cloud lessens your chances of ransomware, viruses, and all other corrupt activity. Rekall has two Tier III data facilities, owns their own equipment, and provides top notch high level care and support.

Less Paper, Less Clutter

Once you switch to the cloud and you’re able to work remotely from anywhere, you’re going to want to consider moving your documents into electronic files as well. If you’re working remotely out of the office, it’s important to bring your documents with you, and lugging around boxes of paper is not ideal. Being on the cloud also gives you the opportunity to share documents with strict rules, and only share with coworkers you select, while giving you the option to edit those files in real-time. Moving old documents into electronic files will help keep yourself organized, and increase your search time with keywords and key searches. Most files can be digitized in just a few days, and set up as PDF’s. Consider looking into specific document management systems to maximize your searching potential.


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