Increase Security over your Documents and Data

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It’s extremely important to ensure that you have your documents and data covered in all areas. Be sure to read up on the Federal E-Sign Act if you haven’t already. It doesn’t hurt to have another attorney review your email/document/online form before submitting your e-signature.

Be sure to keep backups of everything you sign. Normally attorneys keep hard copies of documents they’ve physically signed, so it should be no different for an e-signed document. Think about keeping a folder and adding “copy” to the document name.

Consider using Signature Software

Think about using a signature software, so each signature is unique and genuine. Try to avoid the “copy & paste” method. Copy and Paste doesn’t guarantee security, but using a signature software will.

Speaking of signature software, most of your applications might already contain this feature. Some add-ins that are available would be eSignLive, DocuSign, and even Adobe Document Cloud.  E-signatures are great, but it’s still necessary to get some in person signatures at times.

Documents that require an in-person signature would be an insurance related document, estate related, court documents, or eviction notices.


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