Interested in how the Legal Industry is Innovating? Consider the Insights of These Innovation in Practice Webinar Panelists

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Innovation in Practice: People, Process and Technology is a webinar scheduled for Wednesday, October 24th between 2 and 2:30 ET.  This webinar provides insights from panelists from law schools and law firms.  These panelists will cover how innovation is affecting the legal industry, how to ameliorate decision-making processes with insightful data and how to cultivate elite talent to spearhead the implementation of tech innovations.  This webinar will also delve into the optimal practices for evaluating, deploying and adopting tech to generate a high-quality output.  The overarching aim of Innovation in Practice is to teach law firm employees how to innovate legal services and understand the most important elements of initiatives meant to maximize law firm innovation.



Innovation in Practice Panelists: Tariq Abdullah


Tariq Abdullah is Walmart’s Senior Director of Legal Operations.  Abdullah’s team spearheads analytics, artificial intelligence and data initiatives for decision-making based on data.  Abdullah’s team has quite the track record of success when it comes to using tech to create legitimate legal business units from an in-house legal team.



Learn From an Accomplished Chief Innovation Head


The Financial Times has dubbed Orrick as the continent’s most innovative law firm.  Wendy, the head of Orrick’s innovation team, has spearheaded the push to innovation through operationalization by way of idiosyncratic offerings, the prudent use of technology, custom-tailored solutions for individual clients and streamlining technology.



Jim Lupo From the North University School of Law


Jim Lupo serves as the Professor of Practice Director at Northwestern University School of Law’s Center for Practice Engagement and Innovation.  Tune into the webinar and you will be inundated with intellectual gems from this brilliant legal mind.  Lupo has been on the Northwestern University Law faculty for 15 years.  Prior to joining Northwestern, Lupo solved highly complex commercial litigation issues for insurance businesses and financial institutions. Lupo has also taught legal advocacy and writing at the Loyola University Chicago School of Law. 



Innovation in Practice: People, Process and Technology Will Also Feature Orrick Analytics Director Daryl Shetterly


Daryl Shetterly oversees nearly two dozen staff attorneys and more than 100 contract attorneys who are particularly skilled with the latest tech innovations.  These tech superstars are tasked with the management of projects as well as analysts that conduct statistical modeling and big data analysis.  These technologists create everything from scripts to bots and other tools to boost quality while reducing employee labor.  Shetterly’s crew designs nuanced workflows, templates and processes that prove quite helpful for project planning, permit budgeting and decision-making based on reliable data.




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