iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface; Which Suits your Firm Better?

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With the infinite amount of reviews for both the iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro, we understand it might be difficult to deem one more efficient than the other. We’ve done our research, so let us break it down for you, tablet by tablet.


Overall Cost:

As we know, Apple products need Apple specific accessories, which can add up in price in the end. Right off the bat, the iPad Pro is $949 for the 128GB. The stylus pen and Smart Keyboard, both sold separately, add up to an additional $270. The accessories are not mandatory, but will truly make a different when using in the professional field or on the go. The Microsoft Surface starts out at $899 for the 128GB model. The equivalent keyboard is an additional $129, and it actually already comes with a stylus.

All in all, the iPad Pro totals about $1,217, with the Surface close behind at $1,028. Price wise, the Surface wins all day long.


Digging Deeper:

The Surface is typical of most Microsoft products, comes suited with Windows 10, and is relatively easy to use. The iPad Pro comes with a much faster processor, but with a limited IOS interface. The Surface has some trouble connecting instantly to wifi, as the iPad Pro connects flawlessly. If you plan on using one of these tablets for everyday use, it’s important to make your life a little easier and invest in a stylus. The Microsoft Surface automatically comes with a stylus and a designated storage space on the tablet for it. The iPad Pro requires you to spend an additional $99 for the stylus. Unfortunately, there is no storage space for the pen, but the mechanism itself writes smoothly and it’s extremely accurate.

We have to remember that both of these devices are in fact tablets and not laptops, so they can’t be relied on as such. When it comes to multitasking, the Surface allows you to split the screen and open multiple windows at once—the iPad on the other hand, only allows you to open two windows at once.

When it comes to charging, the iPad is more uniform. The iPad Pro uses the standard up-to-date charger for other Apple products. The Surface has its own charger, which can be an additional item to travel with if it isn’t compatible to your other Microsoft products.


In Conclusion:

All in all, the iPad Pro actually comes out on top. With the faster processor, smoother stylus, larger screen size, and a faster start up time, it blows the Surface out of the competition. While the Surface serves its purpose, for a fast paced, on-the-go law firm, the iPad Pro will be much more beneficial.


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