Is Tech Development In-house the Best Option? The Best Approach to Advancing With Technology

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The average law firm is pressured from all angles to heighten efficiency while cutting costs.  In most cases, tech solves both these problems to a certain extent.  However, there is a question as to whether it is optimal to create in-house applications or rely on already-existing solutions.  Though in-house solutions provide the merits of full customization, the law firm functions as a software company.  Such a role can prove to be quite expensive in due time.


The Merits of Relying on Outside Partners


There is no sense attempting to master software development if you have a trusted outside team at your disposal.  Rely on the outside specialists and they will custom tailor solutions for your unique tech problems.  Furthermore, your team will enjoy 24/7 access to the tech gurus.  Perhaps the best part of doing business with software specialists is they stay on the cutting edge of software and hardware improvements.


When in doubt, opt for assistance provided by the proven tech aficionados and you won’t have to invest your own time, effort and money attempting to develop software solutions.  After all, your in-house software specialist could get sick, find a new job or take a vacation.  Any such interruption will bring progress to a grinding halt.  The better approach is to rely on a true team of skilled tech experts so someone is always available for guidance.


The Argument for Staying In-house


Though there are certainly drawbacks to relying on in-house personnel for tech progressions, your team knows your business best.  If you have the talent in place, it might be possible to custom tailor unique apps and other solutions for your unique firm.  This approach saves money and ensures the solution actually suits the nuances of your business.  As long as the product your team comes up with ultimately saves time, adds value for the end user and you aren’t worried about losing these tech superstars, going in-house just might work out.


The Verdict


In the end, your firm is not in the business of developing software.  If you are even slightly hesitant to rely on your in-house tech team to develop solutions, go with the experts outside of your organization.  Give a third-party a chance and you just might find this group proves more advanced, reliable and effective than your in-house group.


Even if you take the in-house route for tech development, don’t completely close the door on the specialists.  It is always better to get the job done right, regardless of whether it is on the second or third attempt. So don’t be afraid to make some changes and give the outside tech gurus a chance.


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