Is Your Firm Stuck in the Past with WorkSite 8.2?

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Rekall has worked with many law firms that considered the WorkSite 9.0. While it is always a great idea to upgrade away from unsupported software, Rekall does have a solution for those firms wanting to stick with WorkSite 8.2.

Being stuck with WorkSite 8.2 means that you can’t ever upgrade Microsoft Office 2007 or Adobe Acrobat 9. It essentially holds the firm hostage keeping them in the past for all their major applications. As new operating systems come out and Windows updates apply, WorkSite integration may break often.

For firms in this situation we offer two options. Either the firm upgrades WorkSite / iManage or the firm can move to Rekall Cloud where we can setup a virtual system circa 2005 technology that will handle the old version of WorkSite and essentially keep the system in a time capsule with 100% compatibility.

The firm can get rid of all servers, and firm users will be remoting onto cloud desktops that look identical to what they are used to complete with Office 2007 and WorkSite 8.2. Rekall currently works with a few law firms that have this type of setup. Essentially it gives law firms more time to make the upgrade decision while at the same time removes all the IT issues associated with using old software on newer operating systems.


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