It’s Time for Law Firms to Embrace Technology

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Technology isn’t going anywhere, ever. And anyone who completely resists it is bound to suffer from inefficiencies, falling behind the curve, or worse.
The Legal Solutions Blog in this article recommends five steps to overcoming your fear of technology. Here are a few key takeaways.

Conduct an audit. Be realistic. What in your office is out of date? Where do you need an upgrade?

Research. The same program, computer, phone, whatever it may be isn’t going to work for everyone. Ask yourself what you’re looking to do and then research what your options are. Rekall can help here. Let us know what you’re trying to accomplish and we’ll be able to make recommendations about the best technology for your needs.

Embrace going paperless. Seriously. Why surround yourself with clutter? Yes, you’ll have to change your processes, but once you become comfortable with your new processes, you’ll save yourself time, headaches, and effort. Again, Rekall can help you put a system in place to help you go paperless.

In short, the time for you to embrace technology is now. So what if you need a bit of guidance? That’s what we’re in business to do.


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