Law Firm PCLaw Maintenance Tip: Run The VDI Tool

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If your using a popular law firm accounting software PCLaw, then you should be aware of the very simple maintenance tool that should be performed at least once a month. This tool will verify all your data and clear any inconsistencies that may be present in your PCLaw data set. This is called the Verify Data Integrity tool, or the VDI tool. It’s easy to perform and the one thing you should remember is that it should always be performed when your logged in as the PCLaw Admin. Here’s how to do it…


First, login as the PCLaw Admin account. Once in, click on Tools at the top and then Verify Data Integrity. Once the VDI window shows up click each box, and hit ok. Support may tell you to only click certain boxes that apply to known issues, but your cant hurt anything by clicking all the boxes. It will just make the tool run slower by checking more items, but in my opinion, more is better in this situation. The VDI tool may run 10 to 30 minutes depending on how large your firm is, how many attorneys you have, things like that. Once the tool is done it will tell you if it found any inconsistencies and should tell you that they were corrected. If you get any other message during this process, contact PCLaw support, (800) 227-4908. Any other questions, contact us.


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