Law Firms Benefit from Unlimited IT Support Plans

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In recent months Rekall has been updating the way in which we support our law firms which has made us understand the importance of unlimited support plans for our clients.

There are two models of IT support. The first is unlimited support which means unlimited onsite and offsite support for a monthly fee based on the need and user amount. The second is break/fix by the hour support. When the client calls for support, they pay depending on how long the support task takes.

In adopting an unlimited support model, the model empowers us as the IT professionals to address all issues that need to be addressed all without IT invoice spikes and heart attacks at the end of the month. It is essentially Rekall’s sole responsibility to upkeep the network without any labor cost constraints which is an issue with pay by use support. In this way, law firms control their IT spending costs much better than before and can essentially budget IT expenses throughout the year. This is much easier than avoiding lingering issues and the extra costs associated with fixing them on a non-unlimited plan which is a very popular practice among all small businesses.

We have even incorporated scheduled onsite visits into our unlimited support plans. We do this because we find that many users suffer in silence. They deal with issues on a daily basis that are easily fixed, but they are too busy to stop and have them dealt with. When a tech is sent onsite, often the firm users take advantage of the onsite IT specialist. We have to believe that due to this the unlimited support model also assists in increasing overall firm productivity.

No matter how large or small, law firms should consider unlimited support packages. It’s a win/win for law firms and IT companies.


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