Law Firms Can Use Technology to Land Clients

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In a world of iPhones, Androids, ebook readers and landlines ditched for cell phone numbers, law firms should be able to keep up with technology, too. While clients may not expect attorneys to be pros at advanced technology such as coding or SEO, having working knowledge of the basics of technology can improve the communication in client-attorney relationships.

One primary example of that would be an understanding of how cloud security works. While there are some skeptics who worry about sending confidential information online, working with secure software can significantly improve the turnaround time. Something as simple as asking a client to come into the office to respond to a query versus being able to send that same message through a confidential website can increasingly lower an attorney’s workload and schedule while pleasing the client with timely responses. Immediately mentioning to a client at the start of a new case that certain software is used will not only assure the client that this law firm is tech savvy but also cares about how sensitive information is shared with third parties.

Working with legal technology can also eliminate surprise billing expenses. If a client can see the amount of time it took to find certain documentation for a trial from start to finish, there’s less risk of doubt when that charge shows up. Common tasks such as reviewing a deposition, finding a binder, preparing case summaries and mediation conferences, and keeping track of case reviews all take time. Legal technology gives clients the opportunity to realistically see how much time is spent on a case or project.




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