Law Firms Choose Private Cloud Over Office 365

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Very often we find firms using Office 365 that feel they are on the “The Cloud” when in actuality they are really partially on the cloud.

What is Office 365?

For a small monthly fee Office 365 gives firms hosted email which is good but lacking in support, and the full gamut of Office products including Word, Outlook, Excel and all the rest. They even give you the ability to store documents on “The Cloud” via OneDrive which is sorta like a Microsoft Dropbox equivalent and comes with the same security concerns that Dropbox has.


The Problem with Office 365 for Law Firms

The problem with this setup is that firms who use Office 365 are not fully in the cloud. Their mail and their documents may be, but what about time & billing? What about document management? What about the applications that run your firm? 365 can’t house your firm application data or back it up.

With 365 you still have to backup your legal application data which you can’t do through OneDrive, and you still have the issue of being able to access your office desktop and your legal apps remotely. Finally, the location of Office 365 servers around the globe are questionable. You may think your server is in the US, but it very well may not be the case.


How is Rekall’s Private Cloud Different?

Much like Office 365, Rekall Cloud provides Microsoft Office with free upgrades as well as Exchange mailboxes with unlimited storage. The difference is that Rekall Cloud will also host your legal applications. Let’s take PClaw or Time Matters for example. LexisNexis currently does not make cloud versions of these pieces of software and has no plans to.

With Rekall Cloud we are able to take non-cloud applications and make them cloud-friendly hosting them on our own private cloud giving law firms the ability to move their entire infrastructures onto a private fully managed cloud complete with a superior IT support helpdesk, enterprise level security, all backed up and located within the United States.

Rekall Cloud is perfect for law firms with multiple offices creating a centralize connection point for all users no matter where they are. They all access the same applications, the same documents and work from the same databases all the while behind enterprise firewalls, antivirus, advanced web filtering security and zero downtime.

Every application under the sun is compatible with Rekall Cloud including…
PCLaw, Time Matters, ProLaw, iManage WorkSite, QuickBooks, Amicus Attorney, Worldox, Tabs3, Needles

Rekall Cloud is far superior to Office 365 and is the most customizable and easy to use private cloud service for law firms nationwide.


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