Law Firms Create Form Libraries with Westlaw Doc & Form Builder

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Are you tired of updating and organizing your library of important forms?
Westlaw Doc & Form Builder might be the answer to your form creating woes.

With Westlaw Doc & Form Builder, client data can be reused to save you from having to manually enter and re-enter the same information. Better yet, forms are updated automatically. And, because Westlaw is cloud-based, you’ll be able to access your forms from anywhere that you can get online.

You can use Westlaw Doc & Form Builder to create sets of forms, default answers on your forms, multiple versions of the same form, and more.

Intrigued? You can watch a four-minute video on the product to see if it might be a fit for you and your firm. Click here to see that video.

Westlaw has made a name for itself, and for good reason. To more fully explore whether this option might be right for you, give us a call and we’ll talk about details and pricing.


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