Law Firms Increase Productivity by Switching Their Internet Browsers

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I got the idea to write this post after checking the tech info associated with the analytics of the RekallTech.com website. Through Google Analytics I am able to see the browser that a visitor used while viewing the Rekall website. I assumed that most people were using Internet Explorer because they just didn’t know better and I was wrong! Most people are using Chrome, followed by Firefox, and then Internet Explorer which brings me to my next point. What should you use at your law firm? I would tell you to use Chrome HANDS DOWN. We have a lot of experience with browsers and support for court websites and more times than not, a quick fix for all issues we face is for the user to start using Chrome. The only problem we see sometimes is when USPTO filing and pdf’s. Sometimes they prefer Internet Explorer, and that’s fine now and then. Here’s a few reason to switch if your currently not working with Google Chrome.


1. Chrome is Faster….

Tests through computerworld.com show that Chrome is 25% faster than IE9. Even if you do a side by side comparison, you’ll see the difference, it’s noticeable. This browser is stealing seconds here and there robbing you of billable time and your staff of work time, it’s not an efficient browser.


2. Chrome has Useful Addons…

Much like the Apple Appstore, Google Chrome has a Web Store with mostly free applications that you can download and use through your web browser. With the amount of apps you can download, you’ll most definitely find what your looking for. Keep in mind that Google is trying to get you to do everything through your browser, and I mean EVERYTHING. It may be hard to understand how some apps work since they are through the browser but the best way to understand is to check it out, it’s awesome and very useful.


3. Chrome Crashes less than Firefox…

I can’t say it never crashes because I’m sure it may in the future, but I can say that mine has never crashed. Anyone who listens to Pandora while working and using Firefox knows that I’m talking about. This particular situation made me switch to Chrome. Firefox has a buy or an issue with Flash or Java where is uses an obscene amount of resources, and this is especially true when you using multiple windows, and who isn’t. Eventually loading windows stutters the PC, and Firefox crashes. I have clients that have this issue and it has not been solved as of yet. I tell them to make the switch, but it’s hard to say goodbye I guess. Again, never had a crash…


4. Total Sync-age-ness…

Internet Explorer has to have an addon to sync bookmarks between browsers, that’s so 2009. Firefox used to need an addon to do this and it worked great. They finally started using their own service to do this and it was even easier. My problem is that I have an iPhone. I wanted my bookmarks on my iPhone & iPad. They currently don’t have Firefox for Apple devices and I was less than interested in creating a Frankenstein setup for it to sync over. Lucky for us, Chrome is now on Apple devices and syncs bookmarks, history, even auto-complete data. You can even View the open websites open on another device. You work on some sites, you go home, you open the same sites on you home PC and you get the identical experience. No data loss, it’s like a time machine for web browsing. It all syncs with your Google account.


I hope I gave you some good reasons to switch. Don’t be scared, I know people hate switching something so personal like a web browser, but it must be done. Firefox crashes and Internet Explorer is slow. Some sites even have a problem with the new Internet Explorer 9, and if you don’t know to run any problem sites in compatibility mode, your stuck thinking your browser is broken. I put off the switch from Firefox to Chrome for a long time, but I finally did it, I have to say that I am so happy with Chrome. Addons are great, everything syncs to my devices and computers, it’s fast, it doesn’t crash. You have to assume that since most people use Google as a search engine, the people at Google did everything they could to make it work better than Firefox, IE & Safari when Googling, and it does. That’s my logic. Give it a go, you’ll be happy.


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