Law Firms Need Battery Backup Devices

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We often get emails on the weekends from clients who cannot access their computers remotely from home.  Due to this, Rekall has learned that many buildings have terrible electrical service.  Some of our clients have such bad service, their buildings go dark when there are strong winds, Shrewsbury is notorious, but back to remote access.  Often, clients cannot reach their machines remotely because of electrical disturbances.  The electric shuts down, and so does everything plugged in, simple concept.  This is why we stress battery backup devices for servers.  They are a must.  Due to the storage of important documents and the time it would take to restore ALL of the data, simply pulling the plug on the server can lead to catastrophic events.  The same goes for workstations.  We also stress workstation battery backups to be purchased, they usually run between $70 – $110 depending on your power consumption and they save you time and money.


While no critical data is saved on the workstation, pulling the plug may lead to other issues, corrupt profiles, Windows not booting, corrupt boot partitions &  total operating system corruption.  We have seen it all, these are annoying issues that take time to fix, especially the latter.  Another annoying thing that occurs are brownouts while typing up a document.  Your PC shuts down, the document is lost (hopefully Word has a saved backup copy) and you lost your time on that doc.  It has happened to everyone and buying a battery backup fixes the issue.  When installed correctly, a battery backup will shut down the PC through software when a predetermined low power level is shown.  There is no pull of the plug, the PC is shut down the right way, with no possibility for corruption.  Go out and buy a good UPS battery backup, preferably by Tripp Lite or APC.  And do NOT hook up your old battery backup from the early 2000’s to your PC.  The batteries do get old, and do need replacing.  We have seen very old ones start to smoke and leak acid, which is NEVER good for the electronics plugged in.  Get yourself a new battery backup UPS.  It will save you time and money, guaranteed.


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