Law Firms Need to Get with the Times (Part II)

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We recently explored some of the indications that your firm needs to upgrade its technology. Let’s take a look at a few more…

Relying on your Rolodex

Have you been meaning to take your address book online but can’t seem to part with your Rolodex? This is another sign it’s time to upgrade your technology. I know it is hard to think about parting with all of those contacts, but think about it this way, what if you ever lost your Rolodex? What would you do then? Moving to a web-based address book like Plaxo or Outlook will ensure that you never lose your contacts. Plus you’ll have more room on your desk!

Lack of Support

Software companies will often only support recent releases of their software (Quickbooks, Amicus, etc). If you’ve tried to troubleshoot a problem with your current technology only to find yourself on your own, here’s another reason why you should make 2014 the year you get with the times.

Mobile Capabilities

Are the programs you use accessible from your mobile device? If not, we’ve uncovered another sign that your software isn’t as up to date as it could be. Software today has to be mobile-friendly for your firm to be competitive. Let Rekall help you explore some options that you can access from any of your devices.

Lack of Email Security

Are you using a secure online portal to communicate by email? If not, you should be! As lawyers, your communication is sensitive. Don’t trust that your message wont’ be intercepted unless you’ve invested in technology to keep your email secure.

The bottom line is that there’s many reasons why it’s worth upgrading to newer technologies for your firm. Two of the biggest reasons are that you can save time and money on daily tasks that technology automated for you and your staff. Your information will also be more secure and easier to access. Rekall has worked with and upgraded enough law firms to help you assess which of your technologies are out of date and make recommendations about the best solutions to meet your specific needs. Give us a call 🙂


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