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Are you interested in legal tech? If not, there are plenty of reasons to sit up and take notice. In the last couple of years there has been almost exponential growth in the legal realm, with technological solutions popping up to address just about every legal pain point you can think of. But trying to keep up with what’s new and what’s hot is a full-time job, so we’ve shortlisted a handful of websites that will help you stay informed about what’s in the pipeline.


Law Technology Today

This is a great site that curates the best legal blogs and content related to technology. The contributors are passionate about the subject, and they know what they are talking about. You can take it a step further by checking out their contributor’s page and following the ones you like best on their various social media platforms to get the inside track.



AngelList is a site where startups flog their wares, seek out rockstar techies, and solicit funding online. It has its own dedicated section for the legal profession, which ought to keep you occupied for a while.


LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has a bunch of groups that keep the legal tech conversation going. Try checking out Legal Tech, or Legal IT Network, but there are plenty more. Whichever you choose, you’ll have to be signed in, and request to join. There are several others as well. View the group descriptions and see which one is of most interest to you.


Law Hackers

LawHackers.co is a site that curates and reviews up and coming legal tech startups. Created by David Bushby of Lexoo, you’ll find a lot of comprehensive information here, and if you are involved in a legal tech startup yourself, you can submit it for inclusion.


Codex: The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics

In addition to their academic focus at Stanford University, Codex is a leader in R&D for computational law, which roughly translates to the area of the legal profession that is dedicated to the automation and mechanization of legal analytics. They have weekly meetings you can join in and listen in real-time, and a yearly conference you can attend in person to meet other legal tech geeks.



Twitter is always a great source for connecting with other like-minded legal tech aficionados. Search them out with a hashtag like #legaltechnology, from which you should be able to come up with a solid list of influencers you can follow. While you’re there, check out Evolve Law: they always have a broad range of topics related to the future of law and technology.


Legal Hackers

This is exactly what it sounds like – but it’s ethical hacking, not the other kind. Legal Hackers seek to improve the legal landscape, not tear it down. They are passionate about what they do, which is developing solutions to some of the biggest issues that exist at the crossroads between law and tech. Look for a local chapter, or follow their blog to find out more.


Above the Law

Above the Law has a whole section dedicated to legal tech. There is always new, fresh content on the site, so it’s worth coming back to regularly. RSS it and receive regular updates on what’s going on in the field.


While discovering more about legal tech online is a good place to start, true innovation is happening all around us, every single day. if you’re interested in finding out what’s happening in your city, try attending a local meetup group or a legal hackathon.


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