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How to Select Legal Tech With a Quantitative Approach

Selecting the optimal tech tools for your firm is easier said than done.  Make the wrong decision and you will waste not only money but also time and effort.  However, tech is not the average attorney's specialty.  There is no reason to limit the number of prospective...

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Law Firm Inbound Marketing Strategies for 2019 and Beyond

It was not long ago when most attorneys relied on word-of-mouth referrals to establish relationships with new clients.  Word-of-mouth referrals are still important yet inbound marketing has emerged as an essential means of connecting with new clients.  Law firms that...

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Signs You are Ready to go Solo With Your Own Law Practice

Most attorneys dream about starting their own law firm yet few actually make this daring career leap.  It is awfully difficult to determine when the time is right to go solo.  After all, leaving a comfortable position with a successful law firm to launch your own...

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Clues Your Law Firm’s Technology needs Updating

Technology is changing at breakneck speed.  If your law firm were to implement all of the latest technology, you would have little money remaining to pay salaries and cover overhead expenses.  However, using decades-old technology also has the potential to sabotage...

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Surrendering Our Privacy One Click at a Time

Attorneys, just like everyone else, tend to scroll on down to the bottom of online and other digital agreements, click “agree” and proceed to hand over their credit card information, personal signature and general consent.  The vast majority of people do not read a...

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