This week we interviewed William (Bill)  Healey, of Red Bank law firm,Kluger Healey, LLC. Bill along with his partner Mark have successfully left a larger firm to start their own and they are currently within their first year of business. Don’t let that fool you, their combined legal experience calculates to 45 years practicing law. It is this transition and experience that makes Bill Healey a great interviewee. Bill talks up his law firm technology that help to grow his firm, his document management, data organization, and his billing, time tracking, and accounting system. Working with Rekall helped to make his I.T. bills lower than the norm because they are working almost 100% in the cloud. They can access their data anywhere, at any time. He also talks about his experience in large firms as well as his new firm. He sheds some light on starting his firm and gives a comprehensive blow by blow of the hurdles, hardships and new responsibilities that a new firm owner must contend with. This interview is perfect for lawyers thinking about going off on their own. Bill and Mark did it with methodical planning, detailed organization, and precise execution. This interview shows the Kluger Healey recipe for success that is working for them to this very day. It is due to their technology and attitude that they will most definitely grow to exceed their firm goals. Enjoy the interview.

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