Legal TechTalk Interview With Patent Attorney Scott Servilla

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The other day I had the pleasure of speaking with 18yr patent attorney, firm owner, and volunteer firefighter, Scott Servilla. Scott, Glen Diehl & Karen Whitney run Diehl Servilla, a patent firm based in Iselin, NJ. I’ve known Scott for a while now. I worked with his firm under my old I.T. company and when I made the move to start Rekall, he moved as well. I would say that due to our history and reciprocal support over the years, Diehl Servilla holds a very special place within the Rekall Technologies infrastructure. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it was because of firms like Diehl Servilla that Rekall had a fighting chance to become what it is today. For that, we thank Diehl Servilla, but enough mushy stuff, Scott gave a great interview, lets talk about that!


Scott gave a great interview because he’s more immersed in the technology that runs his firm than most attorneys, let alone firm owners. He happens to be a tech savvy guy which helps a lot. In his case, due to his tech savvyness, he has a perfect law firm setup including a redundant backup system, a document management system, enterprise firewall, secure email and remote access. His firm is the model firm when compared to other 20+ user firms, and it’s his firm technology that we try and emulate when we find ourselves working with similar sized firms. Scott talks about his setup, and why he puts so much emphasis and investment on his firm technology. He’s a unique owner that doesn’t put emphasis on cost as much as need. While they don’t spend wildly, they have invested a significant amount to protect their system, their client information, and essentially their entire practice. They are a perfect example of how I.T. spending directly results in increased billable hours, billing flexibility, and mobile firm data access. They were able to work during and after Hurricane Sandy due to their backup system and even without power to their main office. Their attorneys work from California & Germany when needed without a hitch, and with total security in place. Mark my words, if you want to know how organized technology can benefit your firm, you MUST listen to this interview.


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