LexisNexis Firm Manager: Another Cloud/Firm Management Solution…

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This may be the shortest review yet. When I review a piece of software that I don’t currently work with, I like to check the website out and then talk to a sales rep. I feel that talking to someone gives a lot more specified information that you really can’t get from reading on the site. I get to see how well trained the support staff is and I get to have my specific questions answered more quickly than researching a website, plus, I like talking to people. As I write this, it is the Wednesday after Labor Day, which was on Monday. I called for some support to get some info on the product and to my surprise the offices were closed due to the holiday. I called again to make sure that it wasn’t some phone mistake but got the same message. I then called PCLaw who is also made by LexisNexis and got through without a problem. Answering the phone is a big part of my business. If I and my tech’s do not answer the phone, we risk losing business. And this is where my problems starts. For a company of this size to close for the entire week, which is what I am deducing since its WEDNESDAY, I have to believe that they really don’t want your money, and they really have no faith in this product. PCLaw support was open, Firm Manager was not….what would you think?

Anyway, it’s a cloud firm management solution meaning its all web based, can be viewed from a mobile device, and there’s also a lot of smart looking people on the website, so that’s gotta mean something! I can’t even give you pricing because they hide all that info with sign-up forms. When a company hides pricing, that usually means something. I guess all I can say is, if you want to check this solution out for your firm, make sure you call on a NON holiday week, make sure it fits all your needs including accounting since these cloud solutions usually miss that part, and also make sure that support is North America based and is 24/7 or at least 12 hours a day 5 days a week. From the video it looks like you can integrate calendar items within Outlook but what I really wanted to know is how are documents managed. Can you even upload client data to this cloud solution, or do you have to save everything locally, because if that’s the point, then all this is a virtual assistant that manages you appointments and trial times. Again, I don’t know because their closed and they don’t mention any of these functions.


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