How to use LinkedIn to your Advantage

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LinkedIn is the largest professional network with half a billion users and it can be incredibly useful in helping all lawyers achieve more. Lawyers can use LinkedIn to help build their brand, further educate themselves, and strengthen professional relationships. Here are some top LinkedIn tips for lawyers.

1. Make Your Profile Powerful

Your profile is the first thing people see when they look you up on LinkedIn, so make sure you take the time and effort to build and consistently update it. Use a professional headshot and a catchy headline, especially since these are featured when viewing profiles on a mobile device. Don’t leave any blank fields on your profile – for ideas on how to best create your profile, take a look at some LinkedIn power users profiles.

2. Connect With Others

Don’t be a wallflower! Connect with lawyers at your law firm, law school classmates, lawyers you may meet at events, former co-workers, etc. But don’t feel like you have to accept every invite to connect on LinkedIn.

3. Use LinkedIn for Research

LinkedIn has information, news, and data at your disposal. Take advantage of LinkedIn Groups where you can connect with other lawyers and business professionals. You may also find LinkedIn useful for digging up background information about other lawyers and business professionals you work with.

4. Be Active

Post and share content that will resonate with people you are connected to on LinkedIn. Use the platform to showcase your legal prowess and promote your firm.

5. Get With the Times

If your posts contain dated content, you are less likely to be viewed as a leader by other LinkedIn Professionals. Ensure that posts are relevant and current.

6. Be Visual

Pictures and videos are eye-catching and will up the chances of your LinkedIn posts being viewed and liked by others. Try to incorporate pictures and videos with most of your posts.

7. Be Mindful of Oversharing

There is a line between not posting enough content and post way too much on LinkedIn. You don’t want to scare away others by oversharing. Save those extra posts for Twitter.

8. Publish an Article

Many lawyers are great writers and should take advantage of the fact that LinkedIn allows you to publish your own articles. Think of the members of your network and legal firm that you’re connected with on LinkedIn when deciding what topics to write about.

9. Check out SlideShare

One very underutilized but fantastic feature of LinkedIn is SlideShare. SlideShare enables you to share your presentations on LinkedIn. Consider uploading your next PowerPoint presentation at a legal conference, seminar, or CLE on SlideShare.

10. Use Your Judgement

While LinkedIn is designed for professionals, it’s still a social network. Anything you post on LinkedIn can find its way to the front page of The Wall Street Journal. Be mindful of your grammar, adhere to your firm’s social media guidelines, and don’t share confidential information. Above all, just use common sense!


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