A Look at the Differences Between Enterprise and Consumer Security

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The right type of security is imperative in your quest to protecting data. Choose the best security for your system and you will rest easy at night knowing your law firm, attorneys and all work-related devices are protected. Enterprise-level security is generally regarded as superior to consumer-level security. Here’s why.



Consumer-level and Enterprise-level Systems


Solutions available off the shelf are known as consumer-level systems. These solutions are designed for everyday people and possibly some small businesses. Consumer-level systems are meant to be highly intuitive. The downside is this approach to security has minimal security features. Alternatively, enterprise-level security systems are comparably elaborate. The enterprise-level system is made to safeguard especially large and complex organizations with nuanced security requirements. Opt for an enterprise-level system and you will enjoy the advantages of a toolkit with numerous features along with the in-depth support of a team of experienced professionals.



What Matters Most: Performance


Each security system offers its own unique performance functions. Enterprise security provides law firms with extra features and additional capabilities that provide several layers of security. Consumer-security is more of a skeleton approach in that it is primarily designed for those with minimal security background. The majority of consumer-grade security systems are made with the end goal of being straightforward and simple to use. As a result, such systems typically lack features for enhanced protection.



The Importance of Being Proactive Instead of Reactive


Reactions to threats are one of the main differences between the systems. Even the manner in which threats are identifies differs based on the system. Your business needs the enterprise-level proactive approach as opposed to the reactive approach provided by consumer-level systems. Reactive approaches are nothing but knee-trigger-like defensive mechanisms. The better approach is the proactive one provided by enterprise-level security. This comprehensive level of protection guards the law firm against web attacks, secures the entirety of your exposure to the web, eliminates threats and seals off any potential opportunities for breaches.



The Issue of Maintenance


Each security system has its own unique maintenance needs. The consumer-grade system does not include assistance from cyber security personnel. Enterprise-level security is provided with access to a team of helpful professionals. This crew will regularly monitor and analyze the use of protective tools. This is the dedicated team you need to protect your valuable data, preserve client relationships and stay in business.


How Security Systems Differ in Regard to Compliance


Each system impacts compliance in its own unique way. This matters a great deal as more and more clients are insisting on detailed information pertaining to the handling of highly sensitive data. Compliance concerns are at the heart of the requests. Make the shift to enterprise-level security provided by a group that hosts your law firm’s environment and it will prove that much easier for full provider compliance. The same compliance level simply cannot be matched by a consumer-grade security system.



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