A Look at how the Latest Tech Facilitates Challenge Legal Situations

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To say the legal sector is somewhat complex is a dramatic understatement.  Each case is highly unique.  Add in the fact that attorneys have to deal with court rules, legal precedents and all sorts of other highly nuanced material and it is easy to understand why the profession is considered one of the most stressful.  Thankfully, technological advances continue to facilitate many legal tasks, making work much easier for attorneys, paralegals and additional support staff.


Take Advantage of Artificial Intelligence for Legal Research

It is now possible for artificial intelligence to perform legal research.  Relying on a computer for such work really is worth consideration as rushing or only partially completing legal research has the potential to directly lead to a loss or a victory.  Every single relevant detail is necessary.  Make use of artificial intelligence to gather such information and you will save an abundance of time.  This tool relies on a wide set of data analysis functions to provide users with exact results.  The end result is an uptick in efficiency.  You won’t waste time on searches that yield little or no benefit.

As an example, consider ROSS.  This tool allows attorneys or support staff to type legal questions into a search box.  ROSS searches for data and serves it up to the user in mere seconds.  This direct process reduces non-billable hours and provides attorneys with that much more time to interact with clients.


Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

There is no denying attorneys need a top-notch website to help clients find them.  Yet this does not mean it is prudent to shell out a ton of money for a professional firm to establish the website.  WordPress can make some truly visually striking websites for law firms. Opt to hire a design firm and you will be able to request assistance with search engine optimization (SEO) during the setup process.  This approach will help your firm rank well and prove that much more visible in search engine queries.

The WordPress plugin is designed with built-in SEO tips.  Referred to as Yoast SEO, this tool has a color-coded system that integrates portions of WordPress.  As an example, red means SEO standards are not met while yellow indicates the material is not optimal yet still acceptable.  The system can even track the frequency of appearance for a specific target keyword.


Case Management Software

The best way to stay abreast of developments on cases is with the regular use of case management software.  If your law firm still uses tangible paper, it is time to make the transition to case management software.  Going electronic helps attorneys stay up-to-date on each case as it changes.  Such software  checks for potential conflicts of interest and allows for the sharing of files with others as necessary.  Additional features include document drafting for the transfer of data to MS Word, time tracking, cloud storage and access via smartphone or tablet.


Mobile Notary Services

It is now possible to find a notary before or after the workday begins.  Attorneys often require the services of a notary public when handling certain legal documents or forms.  Finding a notary can prove awfully difficult on the weekend or evening.  Businesses like Superior Notary Services provide mobile notary services.  You can even place your order for your notarized forms of documents right on the company’s website.


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