Looking for More Clients? Let Your Website do the Work for You

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The ubiquitous nature of the internet has made it quite the valuable tool for recruiting new clients.  It is no longer necessary to invest copious amounts of money advertising on billboards, TV, radio and other traditional outbound marketing channels.  Optimize your law firm website to maximize client intake and you will find it is quite the cost effective means of connecting with prospective clients. These initial connections set the foundation to convince potential clients to pay for your legal services. Here’s how to optimize your law firm website with prospect conversion in mind.



Blogging has Emerged is an Essential Component of Successful Law Firm Websites


Blogs are not just for those who desire an online diary.  Blogs are quite the helpful tools for attorneys.  Use your blog as a means of establishing your law firm as an authority.  This is your opportunity to show off your knowledge, experience and merit.  Furthermore, the best legal blogs have keywords and key phrases, often measured at specific density rates, to improve search engine optimization (SEO).  Use words and phrases others are likely to search the web for and you will find more online traffic moving your way as your search engine ranking climbs.



The Website Should be Designed to Encourage Clients to Contact Your Firm


There is no sense investing your time, money and effort in a website if it is not properly designed to steer clients toward your firm.  The best websites feature links to online contact forms and the “contact us” page.  Furthermore, your website should prominently feature your firm’s phone number so prospective clients do not have to look far to find out how to reach your legal team.



Mind Those Reviews


Feature positive reviews on your website to showcase your services.  Use real client feedback when adding reviews to your site.  Furthermore, you should monitor the reviews posted to online review directories.  If there are phony reviews posted to online review directories, push to have them taken down.  Ensure your online reviews are overwhelmingly accurate and positive and it will be that much easier for clients to reach out to your firm.



Focus on SEO


As noted above, blogs laden with keywords and key phrases make it that much easier for potential clients to find you.  Most people do not go past the first page or two of search engine results.  If your law firm is not on the first couple pages of search results, you will miss out on a steady stream of business.  However, it is not only the blog that should feature keywords.  The entirety of your website should be keyword-optimized to help your site move on up the search engine rankings.





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