What Matters Most for Your Company Website

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Just about every business has a website in 2019.  However, no two websites are the same.  It is no longer enough to simply have a website that looks unique.  Rather, you need a highly polished website that functions as an interactive business card that steals market share.  In fact, the best websites are optimized with SEO in mind and function as an essential component of a comprehensive marketing plan.  Let’s take a look at the basics of the best websites.


Responsiveness is the Name of the Game


Your website should function on all web-enabled devices ranging from traditional PCs to laptops, tablets, smartphones and beyond.  If the website is unresponsive on any of these devices, you will lose out on a considerable number of prospective leads.  The website should be visually appealing and fully functional on every type of device to ensure clients can learn about your services and ultimately reach out to schedule an initial consultation.


Your Online Footprint Should be Uncovered With Ease


Prospective clients should be able to find your website with a simple search engine query.  If your website cannot be found on Google, Yahoo! and other search engines with ease, you need to focus on your SEO.  SEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization.  Feature strategic keywords and key phrases throughout your website to boost your SEO and it will be that much easier for prospective clients to find you on the web.


Feature High-quality Content


Your content should be helpful in that it solves problems, proves educational or entertains.  Provide useful information written in laymen’s terms anyone can understand without consulting a dictionary.  Speak directly to your audience and they will come back for more, share links to your online content and ultimately prove that much loyal to your business.


Make It Easy for Clients to Contact You


Feature your phone number on every single page of your website.  In particular, your contact information should be featured on the upper half of the home page so visitors can simply pick up the phone to reach your office.


Create a Visual Flow


The best websites have a visual rhythm.  Do not put too much on the page.  Create a theme with color, design and the artful presentation of information.  Consider relying on a graphic designer and webmaster to construct a visually flawless website with a natural flow.  This polished presentation really will set your website apart from the rest, impress potential clients and enhance your reputation as a trustworthy local service provider.


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