5 Reasons Why Law Firms Choose Microsoft Exchange Email

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Email is a top priority for law firms. Billing systems can go down, phones can be cut, but when email ceases to flow, this by far causes the most disruption within law firms. There are a lot of email solutions out there, but only one reigns supreme. Below is a list of reasons why Microsoft Exchange / Office 365 email is the number 1 solution for law firms.


The leading competitor to Microsoft email is Google’s Gmail. Microsoft’s security compared to Gmail is simply a joke. Gmail is web based and open to browser hijacking, password phishing scams, and spyware keyloggers looking to steal sensitive personal information, not to mention that Gmail users both corporate and personal are huge targets for hackers. This simply doesn’t happen with Microsoft email because your most likely using Microsoft Outlook instead of the web which is much more secure. In this way security is guaranteed over web based email access.

Email Encryption

Real Estate attorneys must be sending encrypted email when sending sensitive information electronically. This rule is now spilling into more than just real estate law. Encrypted email protects your firm and your client data.

Email Archiving / Journaling

Making an email legal-grade means incorporating solutions that deal with eDiscovery as well. Law firms have the choice to adopt email archiving or email journaling systems which hold all email inbound and outbound for each user in a cloud vault. Users then have the ability to resend old emails or prepare for eDiscovery seamlessly exporting mailboxes with a single click. Emails are secure to the highest degree, offer no deletion options, simply download and forward only. Email is also stored indefinitely or on a 7 year rotation in accordance with firm standards.

Spam / Virus Filtering

While many law firms have spam filtering the more popular spam filtering hosts do not offer virus filtering as well as ransomware prevention. These added layers of security protect your firm and your client data. Another important factor to acknowledge is that spam filtering should be inbound and outbound, not just inbound. In this way email is protected both incoming to your firm and outgoing to other firms or clients.

Migrate Your Firm to Today’s Email Standard

Migrating is easier than you think and for Rekall, this occurs over a weekend with very low downtime. If you interested in organizing your firm email, getting a real domain and stop emailing clients from AOL or GMail, give us a call (800) 554-4166.


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