Missing out on Referrals? Here’s what to Change

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Referrals are the lifeblood of most businesses, including law firms.  Referrals add to your client base and help your firm grow that much quicker.  The value of referrals lies in the fact that those referred to your business are inclined to trust your offerings.  These new customers trust their friends, family and colleagues who make the referral.  This inherent trust facilitates the establishment of a rapport.  If you suspect you are missing out on referrals, it is time to be proactive, make some changes and strive to expand your business.  Here’s a look at what to change.


Alter the Perception of Your Law Firm

If your law firm is perceived as a commodity, you won’t receive as many referrals as you like.  Do not lose sight of the fact that clients have plenty of options.  If prospective clients cannot discern between your law firm and others, they will almost always opt for the cheaper option.  In other words, there is the potential for clients to view your business as a commodity.  Do everything you can to differentiate your offerings from the pack and your referrals will gradually spike.


Stop the Information Avalanche

We are living in the information age yet many people would prefer for life to be a bit simpler.  If your law firm showers the masses with ads and information about your services, you probably won’t receive high-quality referrals.  It is better to regularly touch base with your referral network to heighten awareness of your offerings.  Maintain regular touchpoints and you will maximize the chances of referrals.


Portray Your Legal Team as Established Experts

Legitimacy is the name of the game.  Narrow your focus, communicate your strengths in a strategic manner and the referrals will pile up.  Every prospective client is looking for a true expert as opposed to a jack of all trades.  Do not make the mistake of attempting to please everyone.  Establish and tout your niche, excel in this specialty and your clients will be inclined to recommend your services to their social network.

The challenge lies in figuring out how to prove your legitimacy and build your law firm’s brand.  Think of your firm’s brand as what clients say about your legal team when outside of your office.  Strive to become the leader in your legal niche and your brand will prove strong.  Once your focused is clearly defined, it will be that much easier to retain clients, obtain referrals and grow your business.

Consider narrowing your focus on a specific client or problem.  As an example, providing start-up businesses with legal advice pertaining to intellectual property will establish a formidable foundation that leads to success across posterity.  Fiercely advocate on your clients’ behalf, market your niche legal services in a strategic manner, keep in touch with your referral network and it won’t be long until the referrals roll in.


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