Mobile Device Compliance for Law Firms

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In the past few months many of our firms who work side by side with insurance carriers have had to adopt the same technology HIPAA compliance standards that the carriers are held to.

In this article we will discuss some solutions for mobile devices that Rekall has put into place to satisfy HIPAA Compliance IT standards for Law Firms.

HIPAA guidelines call for regulations on any devices that comes into contact with firm data may it be email, firm documents and applications, or the firm network. The point is that only pre-authorized devices can connect to these networks and if the devices are lost or stolen your IT people are able to wipe, lock or even unlock your device no matter where the device may be and as soon as the device connects to the internet.

Through the Rekall central management console which is HIPAA complaint, Rekall techs are able to centrally manage all mobile phones and in cases where phones are lost stolen or if the user forgets their password Rekall is able to intervene and lock, wipe or unlock the phone over the air offering a zero data loss solution. These standards apply to firms where users bring their own devices and come at a monthly cost per device to manage.

For firms with employee issued phones there are a whole set of updated security features and alerts that come alive in the central management console in terms of reporting. With this enabled the firm is able to collect information regarding employee email, text and internet usage, the applications a user has installed on their phone, phone calls, who the user is calling and for how long as well as many more reporting features. These features also satisfy HIPAA guidelines and must be utilized if the employee is using their mobile device to view firm email.

HIPAA infractions are not cheap and are pretty serious. If you’re a law firm that needs to start getting compliant for one reason or another make sure your IT Company has compliance experience. It is these compliant IT standard that are audited if your compliance ever comes into question.


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