Mobile Device Security Concerns for Law Firms

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Today, people seem to have smartphones and tablets with them at all times. We expect to be able to get online at any time, no matter where we are.
But is this need for constant access causing your firm security issues? Let Rekall help you make sure you’re not leaving yourself vulnerable. We can assist with:

Tracking mobile device usage
Establishing automatic encryption
Creating a secure mobile platform
Protecting sensitive data with a data security policy
Enabling mobile remote wipes of phones
Memeco C1 is one solution worth considering. This product is similar to Dropbox but will provide your firm the ability to share files securely from computers, mobile devices, or anywhere on the web. With Memeco, you can store data either in the cloud or on-site. Data can be wiped from any device you choose, devices can be tracked by geographic location, and all user devices can be managed.
Whether Memeco is the right solution for your firm or not, let Rekall assess whether you’re doing everything you should be to make sure that your data is secure.


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