We all spend a lot of time sending and receiving email. We might as well spend that time as efficiently as possible. Let’s explore a few Outlook tricks and tips useful to you legal professionals.

Don’t Rewrite Your Emails, Quickly Resend Them

Did you know that you have the ability to resend (rather than copy and paste or forward) a message from your sent mail? Go to your Sent Items folder, find the item you’d like to resend and then from the Message tab, go to Actions > Resend This Message. Do what you’d like to the message including adding or deleting recipients or attachments and changing the contents before sending it and then click Send.

Use Recurring Appointments or Meetings

Save yourself the headache of needing to constantly create meetings or appointments and keep everyone on track by simply scheduling a recurring meeting. Go to the meeting or appointment you want to make recurring and then go to Actions > Recurring. Choose your frequency and then Save and Close. This is great if you have a recurring client or staff meeting.

Creating Outlook Rules Are Easier Than You Think

Setting up rules might not be the most intuitive thing to do in Outlook, but Rekall can help. Once you have a rule set up, you can avoid having to sift through piles of email to find what you’re looking for. Let rules move your mail to subfolders automatically. Rules can also mark certain email from specified users as urgent, and can even automatically forward emails to staff when they hit your inbox. In this way when rules move incoming emails to subfolders, you can tackle your subfolders when you are able to give them your full attention. Depending on which version of Outlook you’re using, where you’ll go to set up rules will vary, but the functionality is the same.

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