Move to The Cloud For the Cost of 2 Billable Hours Per Month

by | Dec 5, 2016 | All Things Cloud | 0 comments

The “cloud” is a central location where your firm is able to work and access client data, an environment with guaranteed security, redundancy, and availability. Law firms are moving to the cloud because they cannot get these guarantees in their office.

For less than the price of a billable hour per user, your firm can have a fully customized cloud setup and have zero downtime. Pricing starts at $94/user/month and is dependent on storage usage and the amount of users a firm has. With Rekall Private Cloud your firm never has to purchase and maintain data servers, you’ll never have to buy Windows licenses or Microsoft Office, all of this is included. You’ll have a secure encrypted tunnel to access your client data on a fully secure remote desktop. Your data will be backed up on a daily basis, and your servers will all be monitored. Rekall works with enterprise level security ensuring a virus free environment as well.


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