MS Word Tips For Solo Attorneys & Paralegals

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If you’ve ever installed a latest software update or bought new software altogether and realized how difficult it is to use, you’re not alone. The idea of workplace productivity is to make everyday tasks quicker and more accurate. If you find yourself spending more time wrestling with software than actually using it there are usually no rules that say you must keep the newer version. Ideally your clients will not care whether you’re using the latest version of Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, etc., they just want the information in a legible, timely manner.

This is one of many ways to make sure your office runs productively. Here are a few more Microsoft Word Hacks…

Version Control Speaking of Microsoft, if you’re a user who has a tough time finding documents saved onto your computer then version control is more than likely an issue. The next time you want to open a document but aren’t sure you want to make changes to the first one, try this idea instead: Chose “File,” then “Open,” then “Recent Documents,” then right click to “Make a Copy.” This way if you change your mind about any new changes, you will always have the original version as a backup.

More Access Use Microsoft Office online to create documents on the go. This way, you will be able to access document from multiple computers instead of having to email the latest version to yourself repeatedly. This also works with OneDrive sync. An online version of a document can also be shared with other users by choosing “File,” “Share” and “Present Online.”

Moving Text Instead of using CTRL + X and CTRL + V to cut and paste text, try the F2 key. On the bottom, left-hand side, text will appear to say “Move where?” Simply move your cursor where you want the text to be relocated to, then click “Enter.” The only downside is this option does not work in earlier versions of MS Word when trying to move text between two documents.

Quick Reference Tools  Instead of finagling back and forth with search engine resources such as Wikipedia, consider the software app option. In Word 2013 & 2016 choose “Insert” at the top, then “Apps for Office” or “Add-ins” tabs and “Wikipedia” to be able to access Wikipedia as a reference.




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