If your an attorney looking to increase productivity and also up your technology game a bit, working with multiple monitors will change your game. Let me explain, dual monitors on your PC is when your computer is connected to two monitors at the same time, spanning your desktop increasing your screen real estate and giving you the ability to open more windows and applications than before. You’ll be minimizing and maximizing windows much less while important windows stay on top making you more productive.

Check out the picture above for a better idea. Imagine having a document up, on one monitor and on the second monitor having a reference document up or your email or even the internet. Imagine looking at all your documents at once, never switching windows, never minimizing and maximizing, they’re all up at the same time. This is the productivity boost I’m talking about. Most attorneys we work with keep their email up on one monitor and 2 word documents on the other. To make this setup better, you should be using large monitors, like 24″ wide screen monitors. With this you have the ability to rotate your monitor and view long documents in A4 and Legal formats.

To accomplish this, you need a computer with 2 video out ports or a video out adapter, 2 monitors, preferably identical, and your good to go. Once you work with two monitors it will be hard to work on anything less. It is a fact that increased screen real estate increases productivity. It’s gives you more room to work, get things accomplished and makes it easier to complete tasks. This is a guaranteed winning setup. Try it out, you won’t be sorry.

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