Networking Apps Every Laywer Should use

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Apps do more than facilitate social interactions and make life more efficient.  Networking apps are now available for professionals.  In fact, apps now exist specifically for attorneys and other legal professionals.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the best apps for those who work in the legal industry.



Ripple helps attorneys expand their professional network.  This app makes it easier to handle the challenges of meeting other professionals.  Ripple helps attorneys forge relationships quickly and efficiently.  Give Ripple a try and it will sync up with your LinkedIn profile and Twitter account, filling the app profile with data from the source.  Ripple lets you select everything from professional interests to personal interests and other information that will help you connect with other attorneys.  The best part is Ripple is completely free for those using iOS and Android platforms.



LikeLunch helps you make the most of your lunch break.  This app is specifically designed for professionals looking to network with one another.  Download LikeLunch and you will be able to find fellow attorneys, law firm hiring managers and others around your location.  All you have to do is send an invite to an attorney for a lunch, meet for some tasty grub and your network will be that much larger.



Every attorney should strive to “collect people”.  Whether it is fellow attorneys, paralegals or prospective clients, the larger your circle is, the better your chances are for professional success. Shapr provides about a dozen local networking contacts per day.  These contacts are based on everything from your location to your professional experience, interests and beyond.  It takes a mere minute to peruse the profiles of Shapr users.  Once mutual interest is established, both parties can commence messaging with one another to coordinate an in-person meet-up.



The Lounjee app makes it easy to meet others in the legal field.  Simply enter your goals in the app and you will be provided with suggestions of people who work in the legal industry in your town or city.  The twist is Lounjee goes beyond simply providing the contact information and profile data of users.  Lounjee details exactly why those professionals are worth connecting with so both parties make the most of their limited time away from work.



Business cards have helped countless attorneys exchange information about career opportunities yet these cards can be misplaced, lost or stained.  CamCard solves this problem as it displays information on desktop computers.  The app lets attorneys scan material from business cards into the app with a smartphone camera.  The data is conveniently stored in the cloud for easy access.


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