New Forensics Tools Every Attorney Should Know About

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All sorts of new tech tools are available to pinpoint evidence that has the potential to crack cases.  The challenge lies in sorting through the avalanche of data and pinpointing what is of value to the case.  Thankfully, tech is available to streamline this process.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the latest tech tools available to help ensure justice is served.


Cracking Passwords

Hardware is now available to crack passwords with surprising speed.  The typical person uses an absurdly simple password yet some savvy computer users have passwords with dozens of numbers, letters and special characters.  Up until recently, technology had been capable of testing random combinations of letters and numbers in mere seconds.  The latest version of this technology tests upwards of seven million password combinations in a single second.


Tools for Location Tracking

Have you been searching for the location of a phone or other device for months?  Today’s tech ameliorates this challenge.  Whenever someone takes a picture or video on their phone, the time and location are saved to show where the user and the device are at the moment the image/video was recorded.  Modern software acts as a detective of sorts, conveniently mapping phone location results.


It is Possible to Recover Deleted Files

Restoring deleted files has emerged as an important tool for the gathering of digital evidence.  Simply deleting a file from a computer or phone no longer means it is gone.  It is still possible to access such deleted information thanks to new programs capable of pinpointing and extracting those files.


As an example, surveillance footage from DVRs might be mistakenly erased or show no recordings are available.  The DVR can be analyzed by a forensics team to retrieve the supposedly deleted footage through log files.  Such logs prove critically important in the quest for justice.


The Challenge of Sorting Through the Data

Oftentimes, the massive amount of data to sort through can feel overwhelming.  However, the use of the right software and the assistance of a forensics technician and a tech-savvy attorney will facilitate the search for evidence.  It is now possible to compile the most important words or phrases in list form, conduct a search of emails, the web, photos, text and beyond.  The software sorts through the data based on the user’s defined parameters and presents the results in shockingly little time.


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