Eliminate the Stress of It Management From Your Legal Practice

Why Rekall?

Every law firm needs a trustworthy technology partner

Since 2010, Rekall has been providing “big firm” technologies along with private cloud services to law firms of all sizes across the US. Our business philosophy sets us apart from all others. We believe that if we take care of our employees they will take care of our law firms. This motto has always worked for Rekall with great success.

Rekall’s service model is strictly white glove offering HIPAA & ABA compliant solutions, support for the entire local network & cloud infrastructures, and a law firm focused helpdesk team that is second to none.

Rekall offers professional services that all law firms need with no long term commitments, fair pricing models, cutting edge technologies, military grade security, and a staff that truly wants to see your firm excel.

If your looking for a trustworthy technology partner, cloud hosting provider, and legal technology oasis, I invite you to give me a call.

Ross Siroti

Ross Siroti

CEO | Rekall Technologies

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Every law firm needs a trustworthy technology partner

Cloud Hosting Simplified

Control your work environment

Rekall Cloud Hosting allows law firms the ability to throw away their office servers giving all firm users the ability to work from anywhere, anytime, on any device. On Rekall Cloud your work experience is identical to what it is only faster and more responsive, without compromises or concessions.

A Constant Connection

Work on a document in the office, go out to dinner, come home and connect back to your document. It’ll be right there where you left off with no worry of crashing or shutdowns.

Work on any Device

Work from your laptop, desktop, Mac, Windows, Android, tablet, or phone. No matter the device you’ll be able to access firm apps, docs & email with full security.

Real World Security

Avoid virus’, malware & Ransomware. Receive workstation, cloud, & network security, automatic patch management, and encryption. Work secure wherever you are.