If You Notice any of These Signs, Your Law Firm’s Technology is Outdated

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Most law firm employees are quick to testify these environments are fast-paced.  Attorneys and paralegals are busy professionals heavily dependent on technology.  If your tech is outdated, it will make it difficult to operate at optimal efficiency.  Furthermore, the latest tech is essential to securing highly-sensitive client data.  If you notice any of the signs detailed below, it is an indication your law firm tech needs to be updated.



An Excess of Filing Cabinets


Nowadays, most law firms can get away with one or two filing cabinets.  There is no sense keeping tangible paper copies of documents when the option is available to go digital.  Maintaining and encrypting outdated files that might require future referencing is easier than most assume.  Once you convert your files to digital form, pulling up the information you need will be incredibly quick.  The icing on the cake is your team will have that much more floor space available.



Heavy Computer Monitors


Today’s tech is lightweight, diminutive and easy to move.  If your law firm still has cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors, it is time to upgrade to light flat screen monitors.  Get rid of those heavy, outdated and boxy monitors and your energy bill will decrease to boot.



A Lack of Automation


Law firms that do not automate activity are at a major competitive disadvantage.  There is no reason to rely on support staff to do repetitive, menial tasks when it is possible to automate them. Once these tasks are automated, your team will be liberated to solve problems and thrive at what they do best.  Furthermore, employees who do not have to perform repetitive tasks will be that much more likely to remain with the law firm across posterity.



A High Frequency of Tech Support Issues


Is your team constantly calling tech support for assistance?  This is a clear sign your tech is faltering and outdated.  In some cases, one or several repairs will prove costlier than replacing the old technology with new machines.  Furthermore, consider the strain on productivity that results from constant tech support calls.  If your legal team does not have reliable and efficient computers, servers, networks, monitors and other tech, they will not be able to complete work as quickly as those working for your competitors.



It Takes too Long to Assist Clients


Tech must move quickly in order to prove effective.  Outdated computers are comparably slow.  If you have any doubts about your computers’ processing speed and other performance, head over to an electronics store and try a new computer.  You will likely be surprised as to how much faster the latest computers run.



Law Firm Staff Members Prefer Their Personal Devices


If you spot your staff members constantly on their phones, tablets and laptops throughout the day, it is an indication they prefer to use their personal devices as opposed to the law firm’s outdated devices.  The sad truth is some personal devices have better technology than antiquated computers at law firms that have been around for decades.




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