NYC Firm Moves to Rekall Cloud, This is Their Experience

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Recently, Rekall has migrated a 10 user law firm in New York, NY to Rekall’s Private Cloud. The firm was in a very common situation, their server was old and out of warranty and they couldn’t find a single web application that would offer their users the freedom of document management and practice management all in one, the way a Windows server does.

The firm used QuickBooks for billing, Clio for practice management and a combination of Dropbox and a local server to serve documents throughout the firm. They really didn’t like how Clio handled document distribution and they were aware of the security flaws in Dropbox.

In their situation, moving to a private cloud was the only solution that would enable them to avoid the costs of buying a new server while at the same time gaining much needed document security and moving QuickBooks to a cloud environment where the data would be backed up and secured. The firm also wanted a fully managed system, they didn’t want to manage or buy antivirus, MS Office or security services ever again. They were in luck because Rekall Cloud covers firms 100%.

Today the firm is working on Rekall’s Private Cloud with all their documents in a familiar mapped drive layout. They also have email as well as QuickBooks, Clio access, MS Office 2013 and Adobe Acrobat. Their desktop were migrated by hand for accuracy and they work no different than they did before. Connection to the cloud is fast and the firm could not be happier.


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